Business Catalyst

The Business Catalyst

collaborative Business STRATEGY + Styling

If you're unclear on your business direction and feeling stuck or overwhelmed by the possibilities -  this is for you. 

Perhaps you have too many possibilities, too many ideas - and don't know which to focus on.

Perhaps you are wanting to shift gears - be that repositioning or breaking into a different market.

Perhaps this is the one thing you need to push you to that proverbial next level.

This is where strategy meets creativity

This is your own private business think-tank that will spark the evolution of your business, push you  way beyond the head-spin... (and the status quo.) 

Because when it comes to standing out in a sea-of-same – it's not just about looking or sounding different - it's actually about being different; doing things differently

The Business Catalyst is a private one-month accelerator - where we'll roll up our sleeves and sort through all the possibilities for your business - slapping 'em all down - front and center. 

From there, we'll work to determine what needs to be re-worked  or ideated from scratch to attain your goals - be that the creation and conception of a new offering or product,  or simply narrowing your focus,  refining your niche, or seeking out the uninhabited whitespace in your market - and claiming it. 


We'll work - hand-in-hand to strategize, innovate, make decisions and lay out a roadmap for you to be able to take action. 

The business catalyst is a unique coaching and consulting experience where I'm able to help you gain crystal* clarity, hone your focus, uncover new opportunities, ideate + innovate, leave status quo in the dust.

(*Waterford, for the record)



What are the outcomes of the Business Catalyst? 

These bespoke coaching + consulting sessions have helped to:

Ideate an award winning podcast

Ideate a new athleisure apparel label

Ideate and create dozens of signature processes + courses

mastermind a ready to wear fashion label   

Ideate an innovative new feminine care product

Ideate a multitude of online courses

Ideate a disruptive skincare line

facilitate a shift from coaching practice to lifestyle brand

+ and more+ 

For more information and to set up a quick hi there and hello to see if we'd be a good fit, please get in touch.