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Dare to be distinctive.
Your Brand: Exactly like no one else's.

You are the face of your brand. Embodied and distilled into your offerings, your visuals, your verbiage - down to the very shade of your nailpolish.

But -  branding isn't about putting a fresh coat of lipstick on your logo.  

It's about diving deep, determining your most defining features and fashioning an authentically distinctive experience of you and your business - one that communicates – unequivocally, who you are, what you do best, and why you're so distinctive in a way that truly engages and captivates your audience.

And the logo? That's just the finishing touch.

The Symbiosis of Strategy Story + Style

I partner 1:1 with creative, bold, rule-breaking entrepreneurs to capture and convey their one-of-a-kind personality – helping to strategically transform their story + inspirations into a cohesive brand that disrupts markets and captivates and communicates to the right people on their behalf.  
In other words, I help them stand out—miles (and millions) above the competition.

Brand Style

Visual BRanding

Verbal branding

look + feel

photography direction

personal style

This is what i do

Brand Story

Story Development

Sales Angle

message development



Brand Strategy

Market research



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Because branding should never be a one-size fits all process. 

I offer tailored brand-building solutions that meet you exactly where you are - whether you're a fresh-faced startup or an incredibly successful established brand seeking an overhaul, I've got your back.

In order to appropriately 



"I want to create a stand-out brand around who I am + what I do." 

Whether you're a fresh faced startup or are seeking to uplevel your current brand, you know that you have to get strategic - and build a foundation that's built to stand out - and stay out - BEFORE you invest in things like new logos, photography, and websites. You're smart - and I like you already.  


Brand Strategy | Insights  



"I want to re-think, re-imagine + uplevel my brand.  "

You are a successful entrepreneur - and while your current brand's gotten you this far - you know that if you're going to (seriously) level-up, you need to roll up your sleeves, rethink and reimagine your brand  to create an incredibly compelling and cohesive brand that's poised to catapult your business to (well beyond) the next level . UNDERSCORE THE CREATIVE CONCEPT!


Business Styling | Brand Strategy | Insights  | Positioning | Creative Direction | Design Direction | Photography Direction | brand voice development

brand restyle


"I'm just looking for a new look+feel."

Strategically, your brand is working for you - the problem is - you quite simply don't look the part. You don't look as impressive as you ACTUALLY are.  You want a unique brand style that reflects who you are and where you're headed. 


Photo Look + Feel | Design Direction | Creative Direction

Complete Brand Overhaul

"I want to completely transform my brand - from top-to-bottom."

You're already running an incredibly successful business - maybe even an empire. But you know that the brand that you have doesn't reflect your success - and you know that if you really want to take your business to the next level, you need to partner with an expert who will not only help you to LOOK + SOUND like the big deal that you are, but more importantly someone who will bring new strategies, a fresh spin, a compelling cohesion and innovative ideas to your business.  Please note that I only work with one person per year on this level


Brand strategy | creative direction | 

Solution Sessions



"I know there's something off in my brand but I can't seem to put my finger on it."


Full rebrand

Strategy, story, and style were destined to work together. Seamlessly blending the three,  I'll bring eloquence to your brand's identity + uniqueness to your aesthetic.



One month. One-on-wonderful. For a one-of-a-kind brand.

Privé is comprehensive private consulting + creative direction for brand development (and style). 

It’s your private brand think-tank that will spark the evolution of your brand’s identity and culminate in a clear (and clever) creative direction built on strategy, and sprinkled with style.


Within this in-depth process, we strip down your existing brand to uncover the core elements that will elevate you above the competition.

We'll (re)examine your consumers, observe your competitive landscape, and focus on differentiation: Establishing your brand's new point of view  - and point of difference.

Connecting your business objectives and modus operandi with innovative creative thinking, then collaboratively work to develop your brand voice, visual language, and a stunningly unique Brand HOOK that can serve as a creative throughline throughout each element and touchpoint of your re-envisioned brand.

Privé culminates in a comprehensive brand overview + creative brief I call the "Dossier" that serves as the foundational creative lens that can subsequently inform and unite all design, photography messaging, and copy decisions — even WELL beyond your relaunch.



"I'm feeling stuck on this one part of my brand and need some outside insight..."

These one-off consulting + coaching sessions are designed to provide insight, clarity,  and creativity in spades. Let's wrestle your brand problems to the ground (with our bare hands).