Work with us.



This is your brand—handled.

Because hands down, this is how you level-up.


Let’s be honest: attempting to brand yourself can be awkward (and seemingly impossible) . More often than not, it takes someone on the outside to deliver invaluable insights.


That’s where we come in. We work closely with our clients to capture and  convey their one-of-a-kind personalities, transforming their stories and inspirations into a cohesive brand that captivates and communicates all the import info on their behalf.


In other words, we aim to make our clients stand outmiles (and millions) above the competition.


We roll up our sleeves and dig in deep, getting to know you, your business, your clients, the products & services you’re putting out into the world, and the market that you’re selling in. We want to know the details so we know exactly how to up the ante, up your street cred, andobviouslyup your profits.


Using both right and left-brained approaches, we bring the big agency experience without all the big agency overhead. Our approach is collaborative rather than prescriptive; it’s important for you to be an active part of your brand building.


With extensive experience across all mediums and disciplinesweb to print, digital marketing to video, live action direction to prop and fashion styling for editorial shootswe don’t just deliver the BIG ideas, we see them through to fruition.


This is what we do.

Brand Strategy


Competitive Positioning

Market Research


Brand Development

Brand Voice

Key Messaging

Look + Feel

Creative Concept / Hook


Creative + Art Direction

Design Direction

Photography Direction

Content + Copy Direction


This is how we do it. (a.k.a. Our Services)

Hands dirty. Game on.

We might be multidisciplinary creatives and strategists  who have extensive experience across countless mediums, but we know the importance of  building a rock-solid foundation for you and your brand. (Otherwise, branding can be like building a house without a blueprint or a dress without a pattern.)


Ultimately, it’s all about creating your brand together. When you’ve had your hands on every part of the brand-building process, you can really own your business and understand it as an extension of who you are and what you want to accomplish.


After all, your job as a marketer is never really over.

Once you launch your new brand, your job as your own brand guardian is just beginning.  When you learn the ins and outs of how everything works & runs, you can make intelligent, informed decisions moving forwarddecisions that’ll help your brand grow.

In other words, you’ll be learning all the inner workings of the (re)branding process from a skilled, knowledgeable pro who’ll help you
and your businesswildly succeed.



Get a  leg up on the competition.

We offer a unique, comprehensive—and hands on—consulting intensive for brand development.

Think: (Re)branding tailored entirely to you and your business model, whether you’re a fresh-faced product startup or a more robust, established service brand.


This is your brand’s private think-tank that’ll spark the revolution of your brand's identity and culminate in a clear creative direction built on strategy. Within this unique collaborative process, we work together to strip down your existing brand and uncover the core elements that’ll elevate you head, shoulders, knees & toes above the competition.


We’ll  cohesively connect the dots between who you are, your story, what you do or sell, and what makes you—as a brand—distinctively different. It’s not just about insights on your ideal customers; it’s about learning how to better attract (and keep) ‘em around. Get ready for an entirely new understanding and perspective of your business and brand.


Together, we’ll work to (re)examine your customers, observe your competitive landscape, and highlight what sets you apart. It all culminates in a comprehensive brand overview + creative brief that serves as the foundational creative lens that will inform and unite all design, photography, messaging, and copy decisions, meaning consistency across every single touchpoint of your business.


In other words, we nail down, articulate, and curate all the details of your unique brand identity.






Collaboration at its Finest


This unique collaboration strips down your existing brand and uncovers those core elements that’ll elevate you miles (and millions) above the competition. As we work together, you’ll learn the ins and outs of your brand (re)design, ensuring that you can keep your brand vital and vibrant, even after our work together ends.


Blueprints for your Brand


Our time culminates in a comprehensive brand overview + creative brief we call the "Dossier" that serves as the foundational creative lens that subsequently informs and unites all elements of your design, photography, messaging, and copy decisions to ensure consistency across all of your brand's touchpoints.



Network of Experts


Whether you’re looking to build a team from scratch, hire for one-off projects, or add some professional development to your in-house team, we grant you access to our worldwide network of vetted, high-skilled: designers, copywriters, web developers and photographers to bring our collective brand ideas into the real world.




The Process / Approach

Because process makes perfect.


This where methodical meets mass marketing intuition.
Since we never use a one size fits all approach, we can meet you where you are, tailoring our services to provide the exact brand-building experience that  you need. The strategies we use are gleaned from the processes used by big brands (that take over 6 month, lots of dollar signs, and often 6 trailing zeros to create), but have been refined and tailored to smaller, personality-driven businesses like yours. Each phase of our work together builds seamlessly on the next, until you have one completely custom, perfectly-honed, cohesive brand on your hands.

Here’s what it looks like:


Video-based or in-persona consulting sessions

Collaborative brainstorming

✓ Private Workshops

✓ 3-phase process that takes 1-2 months

✓ Combination of self-led exercises and collaborative work

Behind-the-scenes research

Ample pencil pushing (on our end)

Each phase builds on the next






Phase One:

(Re)Discovery + Brand Strategy


Whether you’re looking for a total rebrand, a brand from scratch, or just a little refresh, this is where we always start. First things first?  We work with you and your team to dive into the core of what you do, where you’re at, and where you want to head next, so you can take that knowledge and share it with your team, followers, customers, and fans.


We get our hands dirty & get to know you. We might be branding experts, but afterall, you’re an expert on your business.  


This is where get up close and personal, fully immersing ourselves in the market, your brand, your products, all while getting to know your vision, goals, and objectives.


But this isn’t just for usit’s for you, as wellto unpack your brand and business in an effort to see it from a 10k foot vantage point. There comes a time to take stock, to determine what needs to stay or go, and to look at your business and brand from each angle in preparation for the process ahead.  With our comprehensive Brand Primer, you’ll be efficiently and expertly guided as you think (and rethink) through every element of your brand while we’re doing our own work behind the scenes.


Next we’ll meet (via video conference, or in-person)  for several sessions as we dig deeper and dissect your brand from head to footnote and top to bottom line.


It’s all about looking at your competitors, your target customers, and identifying the potential to reposition you or fill a gap in your market. Where are you missing the mark? Are there any blind spots hiding? We’ll find them.



The Deliverable:

The Brand Strategy Brief

Gear up for your beautiful & bold Brand Strategy Brief, where we outline our findings and identify the areas that need our attention (be that deep work or a simple polish).  It’s your roadmap to success, marking where you are now, where you’re headed, and which steps we need to prioritize to get started.





Brand Platform Development:


Here we’ll establish the solid foundation you need in order to watch your brand thrive, and evolvewell into the future. Together, we collaborate to create a brand that’s competitively-positioned in the market while zeroing in what makes your business great, developing a cohesive system that’ll inform all design, business, and marketing decisionsit’s that important.


Now that we’ve picked things apart, let’s put them back together again in a totally new and unique way. We’ll start by focussing on the areas that need the most improvement (as uncovered in Phase 1), and working through them, one by one. Then it’s time for the heavy liftingestablishing your brand platform. Here we’ll define and articulate things like your vision, audience, mission, values, personality, core messaging, brand promise, brand story, key differentiators, and your angle.

The goal is to provide you with a solid, strategic foundation upon which you can build your brand and a plan to move things forward towards a super-successful implementation.


The Deliverable:

The Brand Dossier

All of our time together culminates in a comprehensive, customized, and beautifully designed Brand Book (meets brand bible) that clearly captures and explains your brand’s big ideas, competitive position, essence, mission, target market profile, creative direction, visual language, key messaging, and brand voice. In other words, it’s your go-to guide for everything your business needs to succeed. You can expect your Brand Dossier to:

  • Clearly articulate your brand position in a way that makes sense to you and your team.

  • Add depth to your brand position by making sure it’s in line with your business strategies.

  • Get (and keep) your entire team on the same page.

  • Help you save time by giving you all the knowhow to keep the wheels moving.

  • Gives you the clear connection between who your business is, and why your customers should care about it.

  • Protects your brand from good intentions and bad taste. (Real talk.)

  • Maintain the utmost integrity of your brand.

  • Help other understand your brand, wholly & fully.


Never again wonder what’s the “right decision” for your business. 
This is business acumen at your fingertips.


Phase 3:

Creative Platform Development

From big ideas to little details, we’ll nail down things like your key messaging, pick out your visuals, get locked in with a logo direction, and make sure your complete package is cohesive and perfectly set up to sell you and your products.

Now that your brand is positioned correctly and the facts are carefully culled and clarified in your Brand Dossier, we can move on to determining the (dirty) details. We’ll start by figuring out your best angle—literally and figuratively—while working on finding those unique angles that’ll help you stand out & make your mark.


We’ll not only develop your brand's unique creative hook, but use it as the unifying theme that’ll influence and inform everything you do from the layout of your website to the words you use and photos you post on Instagram. Depending on which areas of your brand need to be reworked, we’ll pass over samples of what you need so you can look at specific examples and get that spark of visual inspiration.


From color palettes to social media profiles, we’ve got you covered.

This way, you’ll be able to see your brand as a cohesive powerhouse prior to investing in design, copywriting, web development, or photography. (And don’t worry—we’ll compile everything into a Creative Brief to help you direct your team.)

Here’s how we work best together.


Here at Public Persona, we’re all about doing what’s best for your brand, business, and bottomline. That said, you can choose from Phase 1, a combination of Phase 1 + 2, or all 3 phases together, culminating in polished perfection (and better profits).


Phase 1 //

This is perfect for you if you feel like your brand has lost its way, plain and simple. During phase one, you’ll get a much-needed expert outside perspective, a look at your blind spots, brand realignment, and actionable + prioritized recommendations on where to go and what to do next. Whether you’re a brand new brand or someone who needs a do-over, this big picture vision will help you pave the way towards a more formalized (and profitable) branding process.

Phases 1 + 2 //

Your brand has lost its way, and you want to take things one step further. If you need help defining your brand and then crave more specific work to help hone in on your competitive positioning and differentiation, Phases 1 + 2 are for you.


Phases 1+2+3 //

You’re ready for a total overhaul that’ll drop jaws, turn heads, and turn an incredible profit. Using the same processes in Phases 1 and 2, you’ll also be equipped with a defined creative and design direction so you can move forward with confidence & grace. This is truly the total package.