This is what we do.

For Entrepreneurs

You are the face of your brand.

Embodied and distilled into your products, your visuals, your verbiage - and the very shade of your nailpolish.

But branding isn't about putting lipstick on your logo. 

It's not about just looking different, it's about being different – doing things differently

It's about fashioning a distinctive experience of you and your business.

It's about originating a unique and compelling concept that embodies your story -  one that creatively connects all of your dots. 

One that communicates – unequivocally, who you are, what you do best, and why you're so distinctive in a way that truly engages and captivates your audience

And the logo?  That's really just the finishing touch.

For New Businesses

If you need help articulating who you are so you can show up, show off, and show the world your undeniable genius…
Let’s work together before you rebrand or uplevel.




Let’s work together before you rebrand or uplevel.


Hands down this is how you level up.

We brand incredible people – 
We help them turn their small business into a big deal -

We help people build brands that are designed to differentiate and help them dominate in their respective digital space. 

This is how you create a completely unique, compelling brand that:

Stands out (and stays out)

Turns heads and takes names (read: waitlists)

Woos & compels (without having to lift a manicured finger) 

(You get the picture)



We create completely unique, cohesive personality-infused brand platforms around unique entrepreneurs.
and originate a visual and verbal identity that oozes your unique personality, creatively connects all of your dots.


We help them monetize their message

Creates a truly unique experience 

Dementionalize you

So that people fall head over heels over you before you even step foot in their inbox. 


We're here to help you: 

1-Strategize your next move.

2-Get a firm grasp on who your customers are and what they really want.

- Expand your reach- 

3- Make sense of all of the pieces and parts of your brand

3- Get a leg up on your competition with a cohesive brand platform.

4- Turn heads and take names (read waitlists) with your unique offerings. 

5- Show up and show off with your photography

6- Impress with an Iconic Identity. 

7- Drop the mic (and possibly a few jaws) with your messaging

8- Woo and compel with your words.

9- Do it all up digitally 


Oh and be sure all of the above are consistent

Across each and every touchpoint.




How we're different.

We are selective about who we work with. 


Because we are so hands-on

We roll up our sleeves and dig in deep, getting to know you, your business, your clients, the products & services you’re putting out into the world, and the market that you’re selling in. We want to know the details so we know exactly how to up the ante, up your street cred, and—obviously—up your profits.



This is what we do.












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This is Privé


We offer a unique, comprehensiveand hands onconsulting intensive for brand development.


Think: (Re)branding tailored entirely to you and your business model, whether you’re a fresh-faced product startup of a most robust, established service brand.


In other words, this is your brand’s private think-tank that’ll spark the revolution of your brand's identity and culminate in a clear creative direction built on strategy. Within this unique collaborative process, we work together to strip down your existing brand and uncover the core elements that’ll elevate you head, shoulders, knees & toes above the competition.


We’ll cohesively connect the dots between who you are, your story, what you do or sell, and what makes youas a branddistinctively different. It’s not just about insights on your ideal customers; it’s about learning how to better attract (and keep) ‘em around. Get ready for an entirely new understanding and perspective of your business and brand.


Together, we’ll work to (re)examine your customers, observe your competitive landscape, and highlight what sets you apart. It all culminates in a comprehensive brand overview + creative brief that serves as the foundational creative lens that will inform and unite all design, photography, messaging, and copy decisions, meaning consistency across every single touchpoint of your business.


In other words, we nail down, articulate, and curate all the details of your unique brand identity.

This is the Tete-a-Tete

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Network of Experts

Whether you’re looking to build a team from scratch, hire for one-off projects, or add some professional development to your in-house team, Privé grants you access to our worldwide network of vetted, high-skilled: designers, copywriters, web developers and photographers to bring our collective brand ideas into the real world.