Button Up Your Brand - The Guide + Mini E-Course

Button Up Your Brand - The Guide + Mini E-Course


You’re at the beginning of a seemingly-lawless process. Rebranding can feel like the wild, wild west where the only rule is there are no rules. But thankfully that’s what Button Up Your Brand is here for.

To lay out a battle plan (and battle outfit) so that you can wrap your pretty head around where, why, and how to begin.

No more sitting on your proverbial bed wrapped in a towel while everyone else paints the town red. It’s time to get up, get dressed, and get out there. This is the perfect place to begin.

This e-course kicks off with a gorgeously designed guide to get you started straight away and will be followed by 7 "Prep Talks" that you'll receive every few days - all designed to help you prepare for a new brand or a re-brand. 

Because when it comes to anything worthwhile - Preparation makes perfect. 

This 7-part E-course contains: 

1 - Your Vision: Do you see what I see?
2 - Taking Stock: Keep, Toss, or Alter
3 - Your Brand's Unmentionables
4- Finding your whitespace
5- Knowing your people
6- Get in the Mood (Board)
7- A Flirt, a farewell, and a Wrap (Dress)