Privé Details


This is Public Persona Privé

Your Brand:  Exactly like no one else’s.
(Where one month will change EVERYTHING)

(Re)imagine your brand - from head-to-footnote, top to bottom-line.

Privé is the symbiosis of strategy, story, and style.

It's the very thing you need to alter your trajectory,  increase impact, and uplevel your status within your industry; the thing you need to get noticed in exactly the ways you want.  

It's time to play to your level. 


 You already know that your brand is comprised of far more than just a logo, a color palette, and a website...

You already know that it’s really all about the the intentional choices and decisions that are made behind the scenes...

You already know that you need to establish a strategic brand foundation + crystal clear plan-of-action.

But when you are the face of your business -  When you're ready to take your business and brand new level - or are considering a  new direction - or even a complete about-face –  the idea alone can be quite overwhelming - 

+ Which way do I take things?
+ Will this "stick"?
+ How am I going to pull this off?
+ Will this help me to be able to charge more?
+ What about new photos? A logo?
+ Where the heck do I even start?

(Over)analysis paralysis sets in...


And so you stay right where you are – and so does your business. 

Simply put

You're too close to your business to be able to see your brand objectively.

But that's exactly why I'm here. 

This is Privé

This is your brand’s private think-tank that’ll spark the evolution of your business's direction +  culminate in a clear, cohesive + creative brand foundation that's built solidly on strategy.

Within this unique, highly collaborative process, we work together to look at each area of your business and brand piece by piece, stripping down your existing brand to uncover the core elements that’ll elevate you head, shoulders, and stilettos above the competition...

+ We’ll work to cohesively connect the dots between who you are, your story, what you do or sell, and where you'd like to take your business next.

+ We'll face-down blind spots,  look for new opportunities - and seek out and what makes you— as a person, business and brand— distinctively different.  

+ We’ll work to (re)examine your customers, observe your competitive landscape, and highlight what authentically sets you apart.  

+ We'll nail down, articulate, and curate all the details of your unique brand - and make sure you're telling a story worth retelling.


Together, we'll create a completely cohesive, authentic, wildly creative + sustainable brand foundation –

One that reflects the most unique, compelling aspects of who you are, amplifies and packages them together in a way that creatively communicates - who you are, what you do best, and why you're so distinctive in a way that engages and captivates your audience...

Visually. Verbally. Viscerally.

When you have that, you're finally ready for that next level.
You feel fully expressed. 
You naturally stand out from that sea-of-same.
You make your prospects' decision to say "yes" SO much easier. 

And you make YOUR job - as a marketer so much easier. 


The Process - Because Process Makes Perfect

I approach (re)brands as I would a major advertising campaign. 

The goal is to create a unique and ownable brand that is carefully considered and consistent across each facet and touchpoint of your brand. My "signature" is the creation of a unique-to-you conceptual throughline or “hook” that not only unites and informs each and every creative and visual decision (even well beyond implementation) but it also makes you that much more memorable in the eyes of those that matter most - your customers.

I might be a multidisciplinary creative who has extensive experience across countless mediums, but I know the importance of building a rock-solid foundation for you and your brand.  Ultimately, it’s all about co-building - you + me creating your brand together.  Because when you’ve had your hands on every part of the brand-building process, you can really own your brand and understand it as an extension of who you are and what you want to accomplish.

After all, your job as a marketer is never really over.

Once you launch your new brand, your job as your own brand guardian is just beginning.  

When you learn the ins and outs of how everything works and runs, you can make intelligent, informed decisions moving forward—decisions that’ll help your brand grow. In other words, you’ll be learning all the inner workings of the (re)branding process from a skilled, knowledgeable pro who’ll help you—and your business—wildly succeed.


Here's how we'll make it happen

This where methodical meets  marketing intuition. Since I never use a one size fits all approach, I can meet you where you are, tailoring my process + services to provide the exact brand-building experience that  you need. The strategies we use are gleaned from the processes used by big brands (that take over 6 month, lots of dollar signs, and often 6 trailing zeros to create), but have been refined and tailored to smaller, personality-driven businesses -  like yours. Each phase of our work together builds seamlessly on the next, until you have one completely custom, perfectly-honed, cohesive brand on your hands.

How it looks


This unique collaboration strips down your existing brand and uncovers those core elements that’ll elevate you miles (and millions) above the competition. As we work together, you’ll (re)learn the ins and outs of your brand (re)design, ensuring that you can keep your brand vital and vibrant, even after Privé ends.


Our time culminates in a bespoke brand overview + creative brief we call the "Dossier" that serves as the foundational creative lens that subsequently informs and unites all elements of your design, photography, messaging, content and copy decisions to ensure consistency across all of your brand's touchpoints.


Whether you’re looking to build a team from scratch, hire for one-off projects, or add some professional development to your in-house team, I also grant you access to my worldwide network of vetted, high-skilled: designers, copywriters, web developers and photographers to bring our collective brand vision into the real world.


+ Phase 01 - the deep dive.

Whether you’re looking for a total rebrand, a brand from scratch, or just a little refresh, this is where I always start.
First things first - I work with you to dive into the core of who you are, what you do, where you’re at, and where you want to head next.

This is where we get up close and personal - I provide you with an in-depth questionnaire before our session that enables me to fully immerse myself in your market, your brand, your products, all while getting to know your vision, goals, and objectives.

But it's important to note that this phase isn’t just for me — it’s also (and perhaps most importantly) for you. It's designed to help you unpack your brand and business in an effort to see it from a 10k foot vantage point. There comes a time to take stock, to determine what needs to stay or go, and to look at your business and brand from each angle in preparation for the process ahead.


We’ll meet (via ZOOM video conference) for a 2 hour session as we dig deep to begin to dissect your brand from head to footnote and top to bottom line.

It’s all about discussing your competitors, your target customers, and identifying the potential to reposition you or fill a gap in your market. Where are you missing the mark? Are there any blind spots hiding? We’ll find them.

We'll also zero in on your brand story, reconnecting your with your purpose, passions. We'll discuss how you'd like to be perceived - so we can perfect that.

I serve as your mirror here - reflecting back who you are and what makes YOU and that-thing-you-do incredibly unique and distinctive so that we can build on that in subsequent phases.

The Wrap: We'll wrap up our session by collectively identifying the primary areas in which to focus our efforts during Privé.

Depending on what we determine, I often work to create an additional questionnaire/workbook of sorts containing customized questions designed to help you pre-think through some of what needs to be worked through prior to our next session.

+ Phase 02 - Meet your (new) Brand DNA.



Here we’ll establish the solid foundation you need in order to watch your brand thrive, and evolve—well into the future. Together, we collaborate to co-create a brand that’s competitively-positioned in your market while zeroing in what makes you and your business great, developing a creative, cohesive system that’ll inform all design, business, and marketing decisions—it’s that important.


Now that we’ve picked things apart, let’s begin to put them back together again in a totally new and unique way. We’ll start by focussing on the areas that need the most improvement (as uncovered in Phase 1), and working through them, one by one.

Here we’ll define and articulate things like your vision, audience, mission, values, personality, core messaging, brand story, key differentiators, and your unique point-of-view when it comes to what you do.

We'll work to (re)define your brand's personality and tone, sharpen your value proposition and express the core vision, mission and brand values clearly.

The goal is to provide you with a solid, strategic foundation upon which you can build your brand and a plan to move things forward towards a super-successful implementation.




From big ideas to little details, this is where we’ll nail down things like your key messaging, pick out your visuals, get locked in with a logo direction, and make sure your complete package is cohesive and perfectly set up to sell you and your products.


Now that your brand is positioned correctly and the facts are carefully culled and clarified, we can move on to determining the (dirty) details.

We’ll start by figuring out your best angle — literally and figuratively— while working on finding those unique angles that’ll help you stand out & make your mark.

We'll observe and catalogue your personal tastes, your voice, your own personal style.

We’ll then only develop your unique CREATIVE CONCEPT, but I'll also work behind the scenes after our session to use it as the unifying theme that can influence and inform everything you do from the layout of your website to the words you use and photos you post on Instagram.

+ Phase 04 - The co-creation of the dossier.


We'll meet to review and discuss the initial draft of your Brand Dossier.

Depending on which areas of your brand need to be reworked, I will have collected and curated pertinent notes from our sessions as well as will have created a moodboard with visual inspiration that are aligned with your brand's style and unique creative direction.

From color palette to logo, typography to website ideas, from photography to tone-of-voice - we'll sort through it all to determine your direction.

This way, you’ll be able to SEE your brand as a cohesive powerhouse prior to investing in design, copywriting, web development, or photography. (And don’t worry—I’ll compile everything we discuss on our call into your Creative Brief to help you direct your team through implementation.)

(This includes 1 round of minor revisions prior to being layed out in a more formalized .pdf presentation.)


Meet your Brand Dossier.

Our work during Privé culminates in a business, brand + creative brief I call your Brand Dossier that serves as both a cohesive brand foundation and creative lens through which you’ll be able to construct the tangible pieces of your new brand’s identity.  

The Dossier helps to  inform and unite all design, photography, messaging, and copy decisions to ensure consistency across all of your brand’s touchpoints - even well beyond our work together, and ensures that no detail is lost in translation.

In other words, the Dossier’s primary purpose is to pre-define and curate your brand’s strategic, creative, and design direction - before you invest in things like copywriting, design and photography. This protects your investment and ensures that no decisions are left to chance (or bad taste).



Brand DNA

- Brand Vision

- Key points of your brand story

- Mission

- Target Customer Profile
- Positioning
- Actual + Aspirational Competitors
- Key Differentiators

Brand Voice + Verbiage

- Key Brand Message
- Your Brand Voice:
What it is + what it's not.

- Brand Lexicon: Words to use vs avoid.

- Soundbites: Clever on-brand one-liners and phrases
to use as you please. 

Brand Visuals

- Your Brand Style: What it is, what it's not. 

- Look + Feel:  Art Direction + inspiration to help inform the look of your logo, color palette, photography, typography, patterns, website layout to ensure a cohesive, consistent presentation of your brand.

and of course - Your Creative Direction

Implementation Recommendations + Direction

I also include notes and visual for your Copywriter, Photographer, and Designer to help guide them through implementation and ensure that nothing gets lost in translation -  as well as am able to provide recommendations to help bring your brand to life should you wish to work with someone from my private network of talent. 

We also create a high level overview of your website (page by page) to help guide your content gathering.

Complimentary video recorded walkthrough of the Dossier for your team.

As a courtesy, I also offer video recorded walkthrough of the dossier for your team -  to ensure that they start off on the right foot as they begin to implement your brand. 


I additionally often include more targeted recommendations and additional ideas tailored to you and where you're headed. This often includes marketing campaign ideation, launch campaign ideation,  an initial content outline for your website. 

"When I came to Sarah, I was ready for things to feel cohesive... and it just didn't feel that way before.  I had already easily spent $20K working with a designer to uplevel my brand who never really GOT who I was and what I was trying to achieve - but I think that's because I just couldn't see all the parts of the brand as a whole. 

The experience was so much more revealing and far-reaching than I had initially expected - I was surprised that I ended up deciding to shift so much throughout this process - not just in my brand but in my business.  Once I saw how all of the pieces of the brand  began to come together, I realized that it was time to let go of some parts that didn't fit as well - That clarity felt was almost like brand therapy.

One of the biggest parts was how we nailed the brand message. I had been struggling with that for a long time.
Admittedly, look and feel is what I came to Sarah for but had never thought about how that needed to be tied to the brand voice + message as well.  This cohesion has been incredibly helpful and has helped me shape everything as my brand has continued to grow since our work together." 


The Options

I currently offer four versions of Privé based on your needs and desired deliverables.

Option No. 1
Privé with Dossier

$5,000 USD
(payment plans available upon request)



Option No. 2
Privé with Dossier +  Photoshoot Prep + Styling

This includes full 2 hour photoshoot planning session to create a shotlist for your photographer, suggested pose + tone for each shot,  formalized selection of up-to four shoppable head-to-toe looks for your shoot + suggestions for key props.
*Please note that this extends the total timeline of Privé by approximately 2 weeks. 


$6,250 USD


*Additional consulting and/or Creative Direction sessions are charged at a preferred rate of $250/hour