Private Coaching + Consulting


Private Coaching + Consulting

Maybe you're feeling stuck... Or bored in your business... Or facing a 90 degree turn (or a full pivot)...

Or maybe you're ready to get rolling... on that new thing you've been brainstorming for months but haven't gotten started on yet because - (insert excuse here) and you need someone to help you 

Listen - I more than get it - being in business for yourself is hard (and sometimes maddening).  A million ideas, a zillion possibilities, and eleven billionty different possible directions - which is freeing, yes - but also downright daunting when it comes to decisive action...  This or that? Left or right? What should I do now? What should I do if...? What happens when...? 

So -  rather than getting swept up (and away) by the ever-changing ideas in your head, market trends, and advice from your mother-in-law, this is your way of getting your feet (and business for that matter) on solid ground + jumping into decisive action. 

Serving as a unique mix of coach, consultant, and creative director, I'm here to give you a hand, an expert eye and a mouth-full of actionable advice, ideas + guidance. 

We'll meet (virtually) to roll-up our sleeves to sort through your brand-building, business boosting and creative problems together so you can move forward  - clearly + confidently - and I'll hold you accountable every step of the way.

Together, let’s turn insights + inspiration... into ideas...into implementation...into impact:
on your brand, your business, + naturally - your bottom-line.




- Sort through the zillions of ideas you have to hone in on "the one " -

- Wrestle a creative problem to the ground (with our bare hands) -

- Refine an offering - or ideate a new one -

- innovate new ways for you to make passive income + make it happen - 

- UPLEVEL YOUR customer experience - 

- Come up with fresh new content IDEAS for your blog - 

+ Brainstorm  buzz-worthy marketing campaigns + 

- Co-write and polish that sales page and get it out into the world and bringing in cash - 

- Generate new (and improved) passive income ideas that your competitors haven't thought of -  

- Uplevel your social media presence - 

-  Determine how to redesign that thing that still looks off-brand - 


- Start that podcast you've been threatening to start - 

- Finally take that genius braindump you've been sitting on for months and bring it to the masses...
and bring 'em to their knees - 

Ok...I'm getting  getting a little carried away but you get the picture... 


The point is - let's make it happen and let's make sure it's nothing short of awesome. 

...I'll push you towards greater and greater outcomes

...And I'll of course hold you  accountable to make it all happen-
(and we can hold hands too if you'd like...)

... And of course - because you already know me so well -  
there will be lots of FUN + PUNS* 

*a $599 value



An exclusive partnership between you + me.

Consider me your creative (and strategic) partner-in-crime. 

+ Your business & brand coach +  

+ Your creative director on retainer + 

+  Your brainstorm buddy + 

+ An art director and word-nerd in your back-pocket + 

+ Your business's BFF +

+ A second set of eyes, and ears (and braincells) on your brand + marketing + 


+ And of course - someone to (lovingly) hold your feet to the fire +



The (Dirty) Details


1 | Private 1-on-1 calls each month.

Depending on the package you select, we're talkin' about
You + me - 60 or 90 minutes of mind-melding magic. 

Our focus? Whatever you'd like... 

We can use our sessions to do things like:  















Our technology?  Zoom Video Conference.



2 | Private Slack Channel.

It's like a high-tech batphone -  a direct line to me.


Depending on the package you select, you'll either have unlimited access to me during the work week (Monday -Friday)
with a 24 hours-or-less guaranteed turnaround/ response. 


We'll set up a dedicated check-in each week where I'll set aside one whole hour each week to sit down and look through anything you'd like me to review/ help to polish / provide feedback and/or refine on your behalf. 



The Packages

Option 1

1 Monthly Session- (90 mins) +
Dedicated 1x weekly 1 hour Slack Sesh.





(3 month commitment)

Option 2

2 Monthly Sessions - (60 mins each) 
Dedicated 1x weekly 1 hour Slack Sesh.





(3 month commitment)

Option 3

4 Monthly sessions- (60 mins each)
Dedicated 1x weekly 1 hour Slack Sesh
Plus unlimited weekday Slack Access for quickie questions + feedback with guaranteed 24 hour turnaround.



(3 month commitment)

"Sarah is a genius.  She's  MASTERFUL at coming up with totally unique business + marketing ideas that are not only completely aligned with me and my brand but they always bust out of the status quo.  I've literally gleaned 3 years worth of marketing goodness in our 3 months of work together..."