Privé Detail 2

This is Privé. 
Where one month might change everything.


Branding is a process more than an end result.

This process of brand building is inherently complex since it’s comprised of dozens of seemingly unfitting pieces and parts. But it’s when these parts come together to create the full experience and vision of your business that you can see the beauty (and power) behind your brand.

That said, there’s nothing more awkward (and seemingly impossible) than trying to brand yourself. It often takes someone on the outside to deliver invaluable insights and provide proper perspective.


As the face of your brand, you need to have an unshakable understanding of:

1  | Who you are
2  |What you do
3  |Why you do it
4  |What makes you noteworthy + unique

5  |How to distill those pieces into an essential elixir to inject into every touchpoint to ensure a couture consistency. 

And those touchpoints are essential, because once you have all that down, branding becomes all about your audience.

Whether we’re talking about your customers, clients, or prospects, they all want to know what your business can do and be for them.

To do this effectively requires:

1  | Relentless research gathering to pinpoint how you can inspire ‘em

2  | Creatively using words and visuals to show them exactly what sets you apart

This is exactly what Privé is all about. And it’s what will help you stand out—and stay out.  After all, that’s the power of a unique creative concept - a throughline.


Once we determine the right one for your brand, this unifying theme ties everything together, making your job as a marketer (and all of your decisions) that much easier. It unifies your team - and results become way more consistent, and your business and brand is simpler for people to understand- even if what you do is difficult to explain or ascertain.