Photography Direction



Because a first impression can't be made twice. 

A picture is worth a thousand words. I help to ensure that it makes a statement—and the right one, at that. 

From headshots to full scale brand photoshoots and prop shoots, I help you to strategize and plan out every.single.detail to help to ensure that you look your best, your message is clear,  and that your investment is sound. 


Creative Direction | shotlist development | Art Direction | Styling

Together we'll discuss + determine:







Facial Expressions


Photoshoot planning and directing is done remotely, via Zoom video conferencing. 


Please Inquire for more information.


Fully produced photoshoots


I also partner with hand-picked fashion, beauty, and commercial photographers to bring your brand, personality, and vision to life.


From planning to post-production, I'll be there to call the shots (literally) every step of the way.

Fully Produced Photoshoots are offered in Washington, DC. or New York City.

"Hiring Sarah to help me concept and direct my business's photoshoot was hands-down the best investments I’ve made to date.  In two sessions flat, she added a unique twist to my business + creative concept, helped me build out a detailed shot list, helped me source props and wardrobe and made sure I was confident and prepared for my big day on set. 

Thanks to Sarah’s attention to detail, I got exactly what I envisioned and more — a clear vision of where my brand is going, the professional photos that project the polished image I’d been wanting for years and the confidence to raise my rates, knowing that what Branch is offering now aligns with the visual presentation of who we are. Thanks to Sarah, my creative vision is now a reality!


—Shauna Haider, Founder & Creative Director of We Are Branch