Photography Direction


Because a first impression cannot be made twice. 

Planning makes perfect - especially when it comes to your brand's photography. There is so much more to a photoshoot than just showing up on set and smiling for the camera.  You've got to first make sure the visual story you're telling aligns with your brand strategy and that the visual message you're conveying speaks to your customers - and makes a statement - the right one. 

Because you have a message to convey. It could be power, sophistication,  humor, trust; but if you don’t have a plan for how to do so, your photos will just be an empty smile, instead of an invaluable sales tool.

That's what this workshop is all about.  I'll  share with you insights from my over 15+ years of planning, styling, and directing commercial photo and television campaigns as well as a plethora of private client shoots to help you plan your OWN brand's photoshoot. 

We'll cover how to map out all the nitty-gritty details of your brand's photoshoot:  how to plan it, style it, prop it, and of course how to feel confident on-camera - all to ensure that your message is clear, your results are on-point, and your investment is sound.

Seeing turns into believing turns into excitement. 


Take a look at any website that you admire. What exactly grabs your attention first?

What is it that pulls you in? What convinces you to stay or go? 

The logo? That tiny thing?  Highly unlikely. 


The words?  Could be – but since it takes only 7 seconds to make an impression, how many words can you really read in that timeframe?


The photos?  That's what I'd put my money on.

Whether it's that confident, successful, stylish woman you aspire to look like on the front cover of Entrepreneur Magazine – or a renowned personality whose images somehow feel like a total afterthought... Either way – they communicate a message to you... in fact, they speak volumes.


Photos can have the power to inspire someone to buy – or they can have the power to make someone want to say bye

So  as it turns out -  pictures really do speak louder than words. 

Your photos need to have a raison d'etre, a compelling narrative. You want them to command attention, ooze credibility, woo, compel, and convince your customers in the blink of an eye that they've landed in the right spot... all without you ever having to lift your manicured finger. 



Who you are. What you do. How you're different than all those others out there doing that-thing-you-do.


Visually. Conceptually. Creatively. With your brand's distinctive voice and your content. 


One that wields head-turning influence and speaks volumes about you to those that matter most... your customers.

And once you have that?  You = Impossible to Ignore. 

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