The Full Rebrand


Dare to be distinctive. 

Strategy, story, and style were destined to work together. Seamlessly blending the three,  I'll work with you to bring strategy to your presence, eloquence to your message, and an unparalleled uniqueness to your aesthetic.

This is  everything - literally and metaphorically speaking.  All things considered, no-detail-spared.  Your brand  - carefully considered and crafted from head-to-footnote, top to bottom-line.  Through this unique, comprehensive experience, I am able to offer the creation of an agency-quality brand paired with a high-touch experience (but without the agency overhead).


I  partner with one brand per quarter to bring their brand to life - from end-to-end with my own team.
This is inclusive of:

- Privé
- Custom brand identity suite
- Full-day, fully produced, directed, and styled photoshoot with Sarah in Washington, DC
 - Website copy overhaul
- Semi-custom or fully custom Wordpress or Squarespace website - designed + developed
 - Project management


The Process

Because Process Makes Perfect

My signature suite of services builds seamlessly on one another to create consistent, couture brands. Our unified goal is a seamless vision of your brand across every touchpoint. To achieve it: measure twice, cut once. In other words, we need to collectively understand and agree upon all your particulars, down to the last devilish detail, before we ever sketch a layout, snap a photo, or write a single word.  My approach to brand development is as thorough and comprehensive as it is collaborative and intimate. We'll take wide-angle view of your entire operation, strategy and vision before we ever zoom in for a close up on a single piece of brand collateral.

Phase No. 01 - Parlez

We like to ensure we’re mutually a great fit, so we always begin with an initial discovery and strategy session. Together, we flesh out the goals and objectives of your (re)branding efforts and pave the way towards what we hope to be a (beautiful) creative relationship.

Phase No. 02 - Privé

Rooted in traditional brand strategy and creative development, this is where we build a solid foundation for your brand. We examine your clientele, observe your competitive landscape, and focus on differentiation: establishing your brand’s new point of view and point of difference. We then work to conceptualize a unique creative concept and aesthetic direction that can serve as a consistent conceptual thread - extending across each and every touchpoint of your business and brand.


Review Privé details here. 

Phase No. 03 - Plan it

From here we shift focus from big picture to dirty details. We’ll  carefully and collaboratively plan out each individual element of your brand - setting the initial look + feel, gathering, curating, and editing your content, mapping out your website, planning and prepping for your photoshoot - all to ensure consistency from one piece to the next. This also ensures a smooth process and helps to set all expectations as we move into bringing your new brand to life. 

Phase No. 04 - Produce it

This is where it all comes together. With all plans in place, we bring the strategy and vision to fruition - creating a handpicked team that reflects your brand’s distinctive persona, look + feel, and voice - helping to craft your brand’s unique identity, photography, words, and web presence.  


The Details

Planning Phase:

Rather than mixing and matching elements throughout our work together, we instead choose to take the time to step back and get a full view of all the elements of your brand and how they will work together to create the whole.


This allows us to create a strategic plan for implementation, set the tone, and lay a strong foundation for the brand as a whole, so that during execution, we never waste precious moments or lose momentum.


The Dossier we created in the Privé process will serve as our guide as we begin to sketch out the specifics that will inform the look, feel, and function of your final brand elements. This process can include:



Photoshoot Planning

Planning | Creative Direction | Style Direction | Style Sourcing | Prop Sourcing


Identity Suite

Full Logo Exploration | Establish Look + Feel |  Initial Mockups | Font Study | Palette Creation


Content Direction

 Website Content planning to lay the foundation for Copyrwiter



Website Planning | Website Wireframes




Phase 4

It all comes down to this. At last, we breathe life into everything we’ve worked so hard to envision + engineer. We embark on the creation of final brand deliverables at a fast and furious pace made possible by the detailed planning that came before.


We begin with the elements of your brand — photography, copy, identity suite — and culminate in the web design + development phase, because we believe a brand’s online presence should be created to display the contents — not the other way around.

This phase inclusive of the following, with some variables and options.


01 - Make Your Mark (Literally).

Your Identity Design.

Your Brand’s identity is your essence distilled into a singular mark. We create custom marks, monograms, name treatments, and logos as well as develop more comprehensive identity systems where versatility is the name of the game. We then pair your mark with a custom color palette and suggest secondary fonts that compliment your logo - housing your identity system in a usage guide to ensure consistency.




02 - Lights camera action.

Your Photography

Image is everything. Especially if you’re leading your website with a singular image. You cannot simply tell a story, you must tell the right story. We'll begin by crafting a unique visual narrative for your photography, and create a formalized moodboard that communicates your photoshoot’s tone, creative, art, and style direction with your photographer, hair and makeup artist.  We then collaboratively create a comprehensive shotlist that  aligns with your website navigation to ensure your photos are perfectly aligned with your copy and other content. We'll also dive deeper into the details of wardrobe, hair + makeup, and props - matching each of these to shots within our shotlist. 

Partnering with a variety of high-end portrait, commercial, fashion, and lifestyle photographers, as well as runway-seasoned makeup artists + hairstylists, chosen to specifically align with your brand’s direction we then work to plan your shoot - be that in-studio or on-location.  This is typically accomplished in Washington, DC but am also able to travel to other cities on a case-by-case basis.  




03 - Word Up.

Your Messaging + Copy

Words have power. Super powers, if wielded strategically. They should be crafted to entice and compel your specific audience, and seamlessly coalesce with your visuals. We extend your identity to branded forms of language by defining an understandable and ownable voice that resonates through all forms of communication.  We partner with handpicked wordsmiths that align with your brand’s voice to take your carefully curated web content and style it to ensure complete consistency with your style and strategy.  




04 - See, be seen, quite possibly cause a scene.

Your Website

Your website is often how people first experience you, and often determines whether they’ll turn into a buyer. Once we’ve crafted your brand elements and curated your content (logo, photography, copy), we package it all together to project your brand presence in the digital realm. We design websites where form follows function and style is a part of the strategy. From clean + sleek to rule-breakingly bold, our mission is to provide a functional yet unique user experience that will perfectly frame your brand’s content. We partner with a wide range of highly accomplished developers to build your website on Wordpress ,  Squarespace, or Shopify platforms. 

Additional Services

Additional services are available to you as add-ons to your brand post-launch. Imagining a service we haven’t mentioned? Please mention it to us. There is (quite literally) nothing we can’t help you achieve.


Your Social Media Presence

We live in a visual, finger-on-the-pulse society. 

Create a toolkit of images.  Content buckets that create compelling, engaging conversations. Library of on-brand quotes. Design library. 


Creative Campaign Development


We can additionally partner with you on new programs, products, and marketing or buzz campaigns, and launches to ensure every new venture is a new opportunity to support your new brand. We can help you come up with rich, sophisticated (and occasionally award winning) ideas for your endeavors and creatively direct their outcome. We help to ensure your brand’s message is skillfully communicated across multiple digital + print platforms—and ensure that it blends seamlessly with all other iterations of your brand and fits your strategy to perfection.


Video Concept Development + Creative Direction


With over 10 years of motion graphics and television commercial campaign and advertising under her belt, Sarah is also able to provide concept and creative direction for drool-worthy brand videos. We partner with a high end video production company in the DC area should you also wish to bring our collective vision to life together. 


Brand Guidelines


The most important rule of branding is to be consistent. We’re not just talking about consistency in the products and services you provide but rather in terms of every interaction with your customers - Your brand messaging, visuals, marketing strategy. With consistency across the board, the connection to your brand will become stronger and (much) more memorable.

The easiest way to maintain that consistency is to create a brand guideline. This is a highly customized document that builds on the dossier and references all of the specifics of your brand’s visuals and verbiage, to ensure that every time you create a element, image, tagline, product name, or marketing campaign for your brand the guidelines will be there to be your ultimate system of checks and balances.

The Specifics:

TIMELINE -  Approximately 4 -5 MONTHS*

Month 1 - Privé

Month 2 - Planning Phase + Identity Design

Month 3 - Photoshoot + Copywriting

Month 4 - Website Design + Development




INVESTMENT + Payment details

The investment  for the Full Rebrand is 25k+ 


Variables are:
- Type of shoot, shoot location, individual photographer (and their associated fees*), travel (if applicable)

- Semi-Custom vs fully Custom Website design + development as well as platform and individual developer fees*
- If custom: total number of unique webpage templates


*Please note that while these individuals' fees are factored into our scope, they are to be contracted separately. 


To book, here's how payment looks: 

1/2 Privé fees upfront ($2500) +  Non-refundable deposit of $1800 to hold space for the full rebrand project. This deposit is deducted from the total sum due for the planning phase.  As we wrap Privé and head into the Planning Phase,  we will meet to review and discuss all of our options and from there will be able to create a defined scope given your desired deliverables. 



We look forward to the possibility of collaborating with you!