Strategic Consulting


Bespoke brand solution sessions

Expert eyes, ears + brain(storming) on your brand and business.


Rather than getting swept up (and away) by the ever-changing ideas in your head, market trends, and advice from your mother-in-law, this is your way of getting your feet (and business for that matter) on solid ground.  

Rent my brain, eyes, and expertise. 

 With over 15+ years of  brand-building, advertising, and creative experience under my belt for brands big + small,  consider me the fresh eyes you need to help everything finally "click" into place.  


- (Finally) be able to put your finger on what feels "off" in your business - 

- Clarify your vision. Your message. Your mission.  -

- Sort through the zillions of ideas you have to hone in on "the one " - 

- Get an expert opinion on what's working and what's not with your current brand (aka an audit) - 

- Identify (and name) your brand's unique look + feel - 

- Zero in on your best "angle" - 

- Wrestle a creative problem to the ground (with our bare hands) -

- Refine an offering - or ideate a new one -  

- Identify ways to reach  and attract a new audience or clientele - 

- Brainstorm the perfect name for your new product or service - 

- Identify what makes you stand out from your competitors - 

- Think outside of the box - 


I'm here to give you a hand, an expert eye and a mouth full
of actionable advice + guidance. 

We'll meet (virtually) to roll-up our sleeves to sort through your most pressing brand-building, business boosting and creative problems so you can move forward  - clearly + confidently.

18-Carat Clarity.

If you’re feeling unfocused, overwhelmed, misguided, or indecisive - You won’t have to go digging for the diamonds in the rough– we’ll slap ‘em down front and center, (and then maybe put those diamonds in a great necklace.)

Ideas + Opinions. 

Ideas on demand. If you're at a loss for ideas - or maybe even knee-socks deep in too-many-ideas -  we’ll hone in on the most promising of possibilities and leave you with ONLY the best.  


Stop second guessing yourself.  Stop overthinking it.  
Stop wasting your own valuable time. 

(Because afterall, time is money, right?)


These hands-on 90 minute custom consulting sessions can be scheduled as either:
Stand-alone sessions -  designed to tackle a more focused topic / problem
We're also able to put our heads together to create a plan-of-action - and a 4-6 session package to match.


Book it.

To book your Tête-à-Tête session, click on the link below to find a time in my calendar that works for you and to submit payment. 


Let's prep.

You'll receive and complete a brief pre-session questionnaire designed to fill us in on all of your pertinents as well as establish a focus for our session.  


Let's meet.

We'll meet via Zoom Conference and will jam-pack our recorded session with all of the questions, answers, insights, and ideas we can possibly include in 90 minutes.  


The follow-up.

You'll also have a  follow-up email Q+A with Sarah  - to have and to hold in your (designer) back-pocket to use within 1 month of our session.
These are often used for additional questions that more than likely will pop up post-session, for feedback, and for eyes on your progress.



Because having someone on the outside can give you a totally fresh (not to mention expert) perspective as well as provide insights – into what you  need, what ideas are going to work best, and how to put those ideas into action...



Please note that all Public-Persona services are currently booked out until October 2018. 
Applications are accepted on a waitlist basis.