1- Brand Strategy (prive)


Brand + BUSINESS Strategy 

This is how you perfect how you're perceived in the eyes of those that matter most - your customers.

This is how you separate yourself from your competitors and how you definitively stand out – and stay out.

This is how you build a solid and strategic brand foundation that yields longterm results... 

You want to stand out and make a memorable statement - we completely understand that. 

But you don't just want to make any statement - you want to ensure you make the right one;  one that's decidedly different, one that's ownable - only by you - one that will resonate with your customers and compel them to choose you over all those others that do-that-same-thing-you do. 

To do that effectively, you've got to get strategic. 

...Before you invest in a spendy photoshoot

...Before you book a designer

...Before you (re) create that offering. 


So whether you’re a fresh-faced startup or an established brand seeking a facelift, (re)developing your brand should be your first priority.

Because afterall, brand building is inherently complex – 

It's not about simply slapping some lipstick on your logo, tweaking your messaging, getting a new headshot and expecting resounding results (if any).

It's about re-examining the innerworkings of your business and working outwards from there.

It's about diving deep, re-discovering what makes you  and that-thing-you-do incredibly unique.
It's about observing your customers and your competitive landscape from a different perspective and then zeroing in on unmet needs + untouched whitespace to give you that built-in competitive edge. 

It's about rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty building your brand  piece-by-piece to create the complete big picture of your brand - one that's clear, consistent, cohesive, and most of all - endlessly compelling. 

Because when you do it this way - aka strategically + intentionally, 

You end up with a brand that does more than just represent you - 
it OOZES you - personality dripping off of each.and.every consistent touchpoint.


The Public Persona Privé is a unique, hands-on, comprehensive approach to brand building that is designed to help you and your business stand out – clearly, cohesively, and compellingly. 

We meet you where you are - whether you're a start-up from scratch or an established brand looking to reinvent.

Combining research +  strategy +  psychology + storytelling + art direction and a design eye,  we work with you
to sort through the seemingly disparate pieces and parts of your brand and then work to put them together to create a completely unique, personality-oozing cohesive brand platform*.

*Not to be confused with platform shoes.

We designed this for you - to help you to: 

Stand out  - strategically - in an (over)crowded market.

Be able to clearly (and compellingly) define your brand. 

To be able to curate each touchpoint of your brand. 

To enable you to see your brand before you invest in bringing the vision to life.

To be able to protect your investment in things like design, copywriting, website development. 

And perhaps most importantly:

To be able to effectively own your brand. 

We want you to be able to make well-informed decisions on behalf of your brand moving forward - because afterall - if brand cohesion is key + your job as a marketer is never considered "done" -  you  ultimately need to be able to take the reigns to continue to lead your brand towards success as it continues to evolve.


Together, we'll collect and consider things like:


Where have you been? 


Where are you headed? 


What needs to "give" to get you there?

Your Story

Who you are

Your background

Your 'why'

Your unique point-of-view

What's the story that's worth re-telling and how can you leverage that?*

Your Business + Market

Your products + services

Your marketplace

Your customers

Your competitors

Your VisualS + Voice

Your unique tastes.

Your voice.

Your customers' visual tastes.

Your competitors' visuals + voice.

Your Positioning


Your Unique Selling Point


What can we leverage to definitively differentiate you + your offerings?

What you'll walk away with:

Your Brand's DNA. 


Your Brand Story.

What's the story that's worth re-telling and how can you leverage that?*

*All the way to the bank


Your Unique Point-of-View


Your Visual Language: 
Artfully articulated.


Your Brand Voice: 
Spelled out

Your vernacular,  your vocabulary - defined. 


Your Personal Style: 
Look the part

As you're the face of your brand and your persona is public - your own personal style also needs to be aligned with your brand - in your photos, on camera, and in-persona. 


Your Unique Point of Difference: 
To-the-point and On-point.

That-thing-you-do that no one else can do.  



Your Brand Message

And because It's not just what you say - it's how you say it.


Expand Your Reach

You may be known within your niche but how can you play on a bigger level?

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