Brand Overhaul


Your Business + Brand: From head-to-footnote, top-to-bottom-line.

You don’t build a house without a firm foundation.

You don’t stitch a dress without a pretty (as a picture) pattern.

You don’t brand your business without no-holds-barred knowhow.

This is Public Persona STUDIO

The only true business + brand studio that takes each and every aspect of your business and brand into account to help you create faultless brand cohesion across every touchpoint of your business. This is your chance to completely transform - not only your brand, but your business as well.  


Despite how it’s often spun, the intricate art of brand building is an inherently complex process—emphasis on process.   It’s not about slapping some lipstick on your logo and calling it a day.  It’s not about cranking out some new copy and shoving it into a website theme.  And it’s not about snapping off a few new photos for your Facebook profile.

It’s about identifying the crucial core of who you are, what you do best, and how you can magnificently market those services & products to
the world in a way that rakes in conversions (and cash).


Branding is SO much more than just the forward face of your business. It’s the tone of every single thing your audience comes in contact with. It’s the carefully cultivated impression you leave behind.  And it’s the difference between “Eh, that’s fine,” and “Oh, HELL yes!”


Whether you’re building a brand from total scratch or looking to level up—way up, developing your own bespoke brand before diving into design, copywriting, and all of the other shiny surface-stuff saves you gut-wrenching stress, piles of future profits, and work down the road when you have to double back and try the whole “branding thing” all over again.

Because when your business + brand feels like it fits you, selling feels good.

(Plain and simple.)


Business Styling + Strategy

Your Business: Revived, Redefined.


Brand Styling

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Meet your Creative Match.

Network of Experts

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Matched to your Brand

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Why Now?

You’re on the edge of something massive that you know can help you make a name for yourself. You’re launching a new business that’ll make waves and catalyze big, lasting change. You’re shifting direction in your biz, building up to the pivot that means huge, positive repercussions for your profits. Or maybe you’re ready to finally level the playing field and level up (up & away).


No matter where you’re at, how far you’ve come, and where you’re looking to go, building up your brand + business in tandem is the very first step to stepping out the box, standing apart, and separating yourself from that bland & repetitive sea-of-sameness.


This is the foothold for actually achieving those goals that you’ve previously thought were far-fetched or out of reach. And it’s a chance to change your businessand your futurefor the better.


Why Branding

Your brand is comprised of dozens of seemingly disparate pieces and parts, that when brought together as a cohesive whole, create the BIG PICTURE and full, flush experience of your brand.


Just like we’ll work through who you are and what you do, we’ll uncover why your people should buy from you instead of your competitors. When business exists exclusively (or mostly) online, good branding becomes the basic building block of growth and profits in your business. Not only is your website the only way that people can find you, but it’s also the only way you can make your mark and stand apart from all those others out there who’re doing the exact same thing as you. Branding isn’t just critical to the success of your business—it’s crucial for the wellbeing of your wallet.


Why Public Persona? 

Privé offers you the opportunity to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty, digging into what makes you and your business truly remarkable, compelling, and worthy of standing out first. Sound daunting? It doesn’t have to be.

Together, we’ll go step by step (by step) to bring that resonating truth from the inside out. No one knows your business better than you, and we’ll leverage that insider knowledge to seamlessly fit together all the pieces of your brand.


As the only complete branding experience on the market, Privé identifies your unique style and intentionally interweaves it throughout every single element of what you’re doing—both online and off. This perfect puzzle becomes the go-to guideline for all business decisions and roadblocks moving forward. We don’t just toss you a roadmap to success—we equip you with a surefire, step-by-step formula with jaw-droppingly high ROIs.


When you hand your business off to us, we know there’s only one way to do branding: the right way.



Why You?

To say you’re busy is the understatement of the century. Besides a to-do list that’s miles (and miles) long, it’s just too damn hard to do this involved branding work for yourselfeven though you know it’s crucial to your business's survival. At the end of the day, you’re just far too close to your business, making it impossible to know what’s best for the big picture and how to make all the separate pieces of your brand seamlessly blend together in a way that makes sense.


In order to accurately articulate your story, what makes you unique, and what it is that sets you apart from others so that your clients really get ityou know you need to step up and take a step back. Because when it’s your business on the line, you’re ready to dig into what makes your company & clients tick (and tock). It’s those game-changing choices that have you primed to partner with industry innovators who show you exactly how to attain striking results. (That’s us.)


This is your chance to become more influential.
To become more memorable. To become more.